Side-Illumination Plasmonic Nanoparticles  Microscopy

  • High magnification objectives
  • High NA objectives
  • High NPs contrast
  • Precise 3D NPs localization
  • Nontransparent samples
  • Simple optical setup
Plasmonic NPs
Sample preparation


Microscopy adapters for dark-field imaging of plasmonic NPs 

Adapter for inverted microscope SIA-I
Adapter for upright microscope: SIA-U


Microscopy adapters employs optical side-illumination by arrays of discrete color LEDs
Light source                                      RGB LED
Measuring principle                    Darkfield microscopy
Measuring approach                   Plasmonic Nanoparticles scattering
Samples                                               Microscopy slides 75 x 25mm
                                                                  Round slides 30mm
Dimension SIA-U                           110(w)x84(L)x5.4(H)mm
                          SIA_I                             159(w)x109(L)x11.5(H)mm
                          SIA-UR                        100(w)x100(L)x6(H)mm
Power Requirements                  Power supply and control included

Applications for nanoplasmonic biomarkers multiplexing, histopathology, cytopathology and live cells labelling

Cost-effective side-illumination darkfield nanoplasmonic marker microscopy. M Qi, C Darviot, S Patskovsky, M Meunier, Analyst 144 (4), 1303-1308, 2019
Designable nanoplasmonic biomarkers for direct microscopy cytopathology diagnostics. L Wang, C Darviot, J Zapata‐Farfan, S Patskovsky, D Trudel, M Meunier, Journal of biophotonics 12 (11), 2019

Plasmonic nanoparticles imaging

Comparative conventional Dark-Field microscopy (with Nikon dark-field condenser) and side-illumination microscopy (Objective 60x, 0.7NA)
Dark-Field microscopy
Side-illumination (SI) microscopy

Gold NPs

80 nm

Gold NPs

60 nm

Gold NPs

50 nm

 Plasmonic nanoparticles spectral differentiation. Multiplexing.

Side- Illumination microscopy with red, green, blue (RGB) illumination. Objective 60x, 0.7NA. 
Mix of Three Plasmonic nanoparticles were visualized: Ag 70nm (spectral peak 450nm); Au 80nm (spectral peak 560nm); Au NanoRods 25 X 70nm (spectral peal 650nm).
Blue Green LED  (GB) Side – illumination.
Ag, Au  imaging.
 Blue LED  (B) Side – illumination.
Ag NPs imaging.
 Red Blue Green LED  (RGB) Side – illumination.
Ag, Au, AuNR NPs imaging.

Immunoplasmonic biomarkers. Cellular labelling.

Side- Illumination microscopy  (RGB) . Cells in the mounting solution.
 Functionalized Au 100nm nanoparticles.
MDA cells. Objective 20x, 0.6NA. 
 NonFunctionalized Au 100nm nanoparticles.
Retinoblastoma Y79 cells. Objective 60x, 0.7NA. ​

 Histopathology sample microscopy with Side Illumination.  

 20x objective with 0.45NA.

 Thick and nontransparent tissue samples microscopy with Side Illumination. 

Corneal endothelium tissue with 100nm Au Nanoparticles.
​ 60x objective with 0.95NA.
Retinal tissue with 100nm Au Nanoparticles.
​ 10x objective ( insert: 60x objective).
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