Founders and Advisory Team

​​Michel Meunier, PhD

Michel Meunier received his B.Ing. and M.Sc.A. degrees in Engineering Physics from Polytechnique Montréal in 1978 and 1980, respectively, and his Ph.D. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1984. He is currently the Director of the Laser Processing and Plasmonics Laboratory at Polytechnique Montréal. For 33 years, he has been involved in laser processing of various materials and biological applications, and he has published over 330 papers in this field. He is a Fellow of the SPIE, OSA and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. He holds a Canadian Research Chair in laser micro/nanoengineering of materials.

Dr Dominique Trudel

Dr. Dominique Trudel MD PhD FRCPC is an associate professor in the Department of Pathology and Cellular Biology at the Université de Montréal. She is also a pathologist at the CHUM and a researcher at the Research Center of the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CRCHUM) and at the Institut du cancer de Montréal. Her research interests focus on the prognostic association between histology and tissue markers in prostate cancer, on optical tissue characterization, and in the development of histopathological research methods.

Sergiy Patskovsky, PhD

Sergiy Patskovsky received his B.S. degree in Radiophysics Faculty from Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev in 1986 and his Ph.D. degree from Polytechnique Montréal in 2005, where he is currently a research associate at Engineering Physics Department. His research mainly focuses on plasmonic biosensing, biophotonics and hyperspectral optical imaging.

Cécile Darviot, M.A.Sc.

Cécile Darviot obtained her engineering degree from École Centrale de Lille and her master’s degree from Polytechnique Montréal in 2018. After studying in vitro a new treatment for retinoblastoma based on the interaction between plasmonic nanoparticles and a nanosecond laser during her master’s thesis, she began a Ph.D at Polytechnique Montréal, in engineering physics, in January 2019. Her research project mainly focuses on hyperspectral optical imaging of plasmonic biomarkers for a wide range of biomedical applications including cyto – and histopathology.
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